Variety Highlight: Bernardina

New in for the month of June is a limited release, a recently discovered and rare variety called Bernardina from El Salvador.

The Story

When Maria Pacas and her family first started their work on their newly purchased farm, they discovered a few peculiar trees growing in the farm. When they tasted their fruit, their flavour was incredibly distinct. They immediately marked all the “different” trees that they could find in the farm. In total, they identified 46 special trees.

In 2013 they picked and processed this unique coffee from Finca Los Bellotos. Its attributes were well defined and unlike anything else on the farm at that time. In the words of Maria Pacas, “We knew it was special.” They just didn’t know what it was. The DNA results from a genetics lab in Italy revealed that this new coffee’s DNA is 70% identical to gesha. The remaining 30% was something previously unknown, closest only to a rare variety called agaro.

Maria named it Bernardina, after Ruperto Bernardino Merche, the farm manager of Finca Los Bellotos to honour him for pointing out the trees in the first place.

Cup Profile

We taste vibrant and elegant notes of yellow peach, orange blossom, citrus, tea, complex with a syrupy texture. 

Limited quantity of this incredible coffee now available in store.