Beginner's Guide to the Hario V60 Pour Over

The pour over is one of our favourite ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. Delicate and complex, it highlights all the hard work behind the coffee. More importantly, the ritual, experience and process of brewing the coffee is an incredible one. There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning at the comfort of your home.

What you'll need:

V60 Coffee Dripper
Filter Papers
Soft filtered water
Digital Scale

Step 1: Rinse filter paper and preheat dripper

Place the folded filter paper onto the dripper and wet it with hot water to remove any papery taste that might get into the brew. The hot water here will also heat up the dripper, improving temperature stability throughout the brewing process.

Step 2: Measure and grind

Grind enough whole bean coffees into 13g of ground coffee roughly the size of kosher salt. Weight the coffee ground out as you place them into the dripper and remove any excess coffee. Give the dripper a light tap to level the surface.

Step 3: Preinfusion of 40g water

The first pour is commonly known as the preinfusion or the "bloom". As the hot water get in contact with the grounds, the excess carbon dioxide from the coffee are being released, allowing a more even extraction in the later stages. First, make sure your water is at 93 degrees celcius. Start the timer, pour 40g of water in concentric circles from the middle of the dripper outwards. Make sure all of the grounds have been wetted.

Step 4: Three pours of 60g water

For our remaining three pours, pour 60g of water each pour in concentric circles to the dripper. This will bring us to our final brew water of 220g. Allow an interval of 20-30 seconds between each of the pours. 

Step 5: Take your time and enjoy

Theres no rushing here. Be patient and allow all of the water to drain through. The total brew time usually takes about 2:45 to 3:30 mins. Decant to your favourite mug and enjoy. Remember, good coffee takes time to grow, time to brew and time to enjoy. Discover small nuances of how the coffee changes over time as it cools.

Additional information:

Ratio: 13g ground coffee to 220g water (1:17)
Water: 93 degrees celcius
Water General Hardness: 75ppm-150ppm
Water Carbonate Hardness: 40ppm-60ppm
Target Total Dissolve Solids: 1.30% - 1.40%
Target Extraction: 19.39% - 20.90%