Jamison Savage Shade Dried Catuai

The coffee we have chosen for our September subscription is an exclusive microlot from Jamison Savage, a producer we've worked closely with previously for our Brewers Cup. Jamison's attention to detail and use of innovation has resulted in some exceptional coffees many consider the best in the world. Read on to find out more about this coffee.

About the Producer

Our first encounter with Jamison was in the World Brewers Cup happening in Brazil back in 2018. Prior to that, we were working closely with his coffee for our competition through our good friend Yi Yang from 2 degrees north, another one of our favourite roaster in Singapore. Just minutes into the conversation with Jamison, we could tell why such stunning coffees were coming out of his farm under his care. Incredibly passionate yet humble, he tells the story of how he made the decision of leaving his corporate life and started Finca Deborah almost 10 years ago. 

Finca Deborah runs on solar power and within a balanced ecosystem, where Jamison believes that coffee trees are at their best when surrounded by the local flora and fauna; pesticides are not used on the farm. This sustainable approach to farming, mixed with advanced technological practices, makes Jamison one of the most impressive coffee producers in the world.

About the "Savage Coffee" Programme

Savage Coffees was recently started to push the envelop in processing and competition while keep the coffees at a very affordable price-point. Jamison source high elevation, single variety, coffees with neighboring producers in Volcan and Boquete. These producers respect their terroir and have a high level of dedication to harvest selection of their crop. 

The End Result

This unique lot is a fully washed, shade dried, Catuai variety from a single farm. Tremendous amount of work is done with precision and discipline during the drying stage to ensure a clean and sweet and elegant cup. We enjoy the delicate and balanced flavours of sweet yellow stone fruits, raisins with a green tea finish. 

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