Don Fabio San Francisco Gesha

Announced on June 1 in San Pedro Sula, this is the first time renowned producer Don Fabio has claimed the highest award in the Cup of Excellence (COE) program.  His winning farm, San Francisco is located in Marcála and sits at an altitude of 1300-1450masl. Having won several awards in past COE events, Don Fabio has refrained from entering competitions for spent several years, focusing on maintaining his farms and embarking on new projects.

Marcala can be quite cold due to its high altitude, which makes it beneficial for the growth and slow development of the coffee. A wide range of premium qualities are produced on these farms, ranging from 84 to 90+ point-scoring coffees.

For the month of May, we have a Gesha variety from the Honduras COE winning farm, San Francisco. Super clean and elegant profile, full of florals and sweet orange notes. One of the most refined and outstanding coffee we've had this year.

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