Peru El Lechero


This coffee is part of a sourcing program through an organization called Origin Coffee Lab. The coffees are either micro lots or communal producer blends from the areas in the north around Jaen and San Ignacio. The farms are normally between 1-3 hectares and are family runned. They harvest, pulp, ferment and dry the coffees at the farms. If the producers are part of a premium program, like ours, they will more likely invest in their production and sit on enough parchment to create potential micro lots.

Idelo Ulises Nayra Armijos and his wife Victoria Ramos Llaczahuanga, and their two children Oliver and Felix live at the farm. He took over the farm, El Lechero in 2010. It is situated close to the village El Huabo in San Ignazio, North in Peru. His small farm of 2.5 hectares was so well organised. Ulises placed 12th in the Peru Cup of Excellence last year.

The farm, Finca El Lechero, is located at 1870 masl close to the village of El Huabo. The farm is planted with 80% Caturra and 20% Catuai and the varieties are normally mixed during harvest. The farm has a small beneficio where he pulps and ferments the coffee. The coffee is dry fermented for about 24 hours before washed and rinsed, and then dried in a parabolic dryer by his house and on the roof of the house. He also uses shade nets for a more controlled drying process. Under normal conditions the drying takes about 15-20 days.

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